HYGIENE is the name of the project that Euroinox is proposing to face a new demand from the market. This demand consists of a higher HYGIENE and SAFETY level respecting the DIN 18865-9 norm.

DIN is a European normative, that defines four different levels of hygienical standards applicable, in preparation areas, to cabinet construction. Considering that the basic level is well known in the market (standard production), we would like, with this document, to explain what we have done in order to develop the three upper levels.

In the Hy1 level the unit, s/s covered on its upper part (ceiling), is fully welded with 90° angled corners in rear, bottom and sides panels. The product, without joins, can be considered as waterproof.

In the Hy2 level the unit, s/s covered on its upper part (ceiling), is fully welded with rounded corners (r= 20 mm) in rear, bottom and sides panels. The product, without joins, can be considered as waterproof.

In the Hy3 level, the unit is also welded on its upper part (ceiling). The corners are radiused (r=20 mm), guaranteeing complete waterproofing thanks to the elimination of all joins.

Euroinox, for a long time responsive to the development and the search of new technical solutions, has seen this solution as the ideal answer to the new demands of the market: HYGIENE e SAFETY.

The first footstep has been a wide ranging market study including analysis of the ranges offered by producers (mainly German), and then a follow up researching the real needs of clients and consultants, with the purpose to determine the adequacy of the present market offer.

On the basis of the results derived by this analysis, the main attention was focused on the levels of HYGIENE and it was clear there was a LACK EITHER ON FLEXIBILITY OR FUNCTIONS as well as a HIGH PRICE representing the principal causes of the missed “take off” of these standards in the market.

These limits and the wish to individualize suitable solutions, have brought us to analyze in detail the productive processes adopted by the competitors.

From this analysis, it emerged that the production of a HYGIENE unit, incorporates welding as its fundamental component and it is really in this purely manual workmanship that we have highlighted the origin of these PROHIBITIVE COSTS (1st LIMIT).

The solution for this limit is the automation of the welding process that, if from one side notably reduces the costs, from the other one it sets notable ties to the PRODUCTIVE FLEXIBILITY (2nd LIMIT). The traditional automatized welding processes are, in fact, linked to units with standard dimensions, that is not often found in kitchen installations. It is from the limits described above, that the third one is born: INCOHERENCE IN THE INSTALLATIONS (3rd LIMIT), represented by the integration of different constructive standards, that lower the hygienic level inside the kitchen.

Following this, we consulted and involved an important Italian University as well as leading European consultants on the subject of industrial welding, robotics, guide systems and naturally software. The automation of the welding process was the solution to all 3 limits outlined above.The individualization of these limits, represented the definition of our objectives.

Once the research and development phases were concluded, the realization phase began. First, we needed to protect the results reached with our own interlocutors so Euroinox has immediately began the proccess to obtain an international patent covering aspects related to the structure of the units and the production process. In particular, the capacity to obtain a “labour free” finished product, within an exclusive technology, which allow the consultant/customer to select the levels of hygiene required.

The first appearance for EUROINOX in the HYGIENE, has been in one of the most important international fairs that it’s held in Milan.

In this occasion, the principal objective of Euroinox was to provoke all sector operators with a concept (at the time quite unknown) and to exploit these opinion leaders in order to improve.

The principal attention in the development phase of the whole range, was focused on two aspects:

  • maximum industrialization of future automatization;


  • maximum attention to detail extending the concept of hygiene from the chamber unit to the whole range of components (doors, drawers, guides, handles, hinges,…).


Euroinox presented itself at the exhibition with a first prototype realized with MANUAL WELDING.

The results of this first investigation, have brought Euroinox to increase its own convictions on the development of the project, considering the HOST 2001 exhibition as the "launch pad" of the HYGIENE project.

Two years later, Euroinox appeared again at the same fair with the same theme, but with many novelties, and the principal ones are:

  • technical implementation of selected signals coming from the exhibition and following meetings with principal clients and consultants.


  • completion of a long and complex engineering process for the realization of a robotised welding system;


  • consequent realization of the 1st AUTOMATED prototype.


This has represented a very important result for Euroinox, where we have searched for concrete results from the work taken place in the last two years.

The overall result has been more than satisfactory of the whole project.

The final objective has been achieved to develop, industrialize the whole range, bringing all the necessary information (sketches, programs,…) and the realization of the relevant technical & commercial documentation at HOGATEC 2004 (Düsseldorf – Germany) considered as the most important German exhibition.

The official launch, not only has had an excellent reply from the reference market (mainly german speaking countries) but also from Italy, Great Britain, Benelux….and others (less familiar with this theme) and where, we immediately started to "furnished" top customers show-rooms in order to promote future projects…..We are proud to declare the good response we are having in terms of new contracts.

The most recent event in which Euroinox has participated in promoting the new hygiene concepts, has been the the Gulf Food Show in Dubai where, also there, we have received excellent feedback from this market particularly sensible to “top” construction standards.

To conclude, Hygiene brings benefits on which all Euroinox products are promoted:


  • full range able to satisfy the most varied applications and demands of the market;


  • dimensional flexibility of the whole range:
    1. WHATEVER length beginning from 400 mm to 2000 mm with 1 mm increase;
    2. 3 depths (+400 mm depth for the wall cupboards);
    3. 3 body heights of;
  • accessible price.